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12V 1.2ah Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery For Tools
The 12V 1.2Ah battery is a high quality rechargeable sealed lead acid battery that is manufactured to provide excellent performance and long service life.
FG12V7AH 12V 7ah Maintenance Free Rechargeable Lead Acid Laptop UPS Battery
Manufacturer Model: 12V 7AH Size:151*65*101mm Weight: 2.05kg
FG12V18AH 12V 18AH AGM Storage Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable UPS Battery
Manufacturer Model: 12V 18AH Size: 181*77*167*167mm Weight: 5.0kg
FG12V100AH-AGM High Quality 12V 100AH Solar AGM Storage Back up Battery
Manufacturer Model: 12V 100AH Size:328*172*222*238mm Weight: 28.7kg